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The cute felt hats in traditional look are not only an accessory of a special kind for a beer fest and Oktoberfest in the beer tent but also for many other occasions usable as weddings, parties, corporate parties or your home. A “HUADLING” can be used for anything like as a table decoration, egg warmer, bottle hat, christmas tree decoration, party decoration, name tag, lucky charm or simply an extraordinary handmade bavarian souvenir. The small traditional hat recalls the well-known “Sepplhut” and has round about the dimensions 7x7x7 cm. The materials are carefully chosen so you can enjoy it for more than one evening. Through a variety of color combinations, it complements every Dirndl and Lederhose. Branding and individualisation for advertising, clubs or companies are possible through engraving, metal pins or charms if you are interested please check our Branding section or contact us individually.

In each “HUADLING” is also an NFC chip attached! This gives each one individual a very personal funny Bavarian name. Your smartphone (Apple or Android) must be capable of NFC (Near Field Communication) and the feature must also be enabled. If you then hold your mobile phone to the “Huadling” you will be directed to the Names website and learn the unique name of his “Huadling”!


The GNAMPEN HUADLING is a funny wiggeling figure which, like the well-known wiggle dachshund, is gently moved by external influences or nudges. Ideal for the car on the dashboard thanks to the soft spring, the HUADLING even lays in every corner, a fun to watch. For the HUADLING the wiggle head comes from natural wood with a spiral spring. With Velcro pads you can then attach it to a desired surface but also remove it anytime without further ado.

Please note: Like all of us, every “HUADLING” is individual. The basis is the base color of the felt and the cord – feather color/length, eyes and charm/button vary for each item. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. Not suitable for outdoor installation!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Size Hat

Round about 7x7x7 cm


Charms: Wood, Metal or Plastic
Felt: 100% Polyester
Glupperl: Wood
GNAMPEN: Wood, Metal
Cords: Wool, viscose
Feather: natural product
Solvent-free adhesive


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